Sploro Tours

Barcelona’s Ramblas and Old Town
As we stroll down the Ramblas we’ll tell you its history – from the story behind its name to the role it played during the Spanish Civil War.  We’ll take you through the most beautiful food market in the world.

We’ll explain why the Placa Real was built and lead through the city’s most ancient neighbourhood, known as ‘The Call’.  After visiting the charming Placa Sant Josep Oriol and Santa Maria del Pi, one of the most beautiful churches in the city your guide will lead you to the cathedral where we’ll tell you why an egg shell is balanced on a fountain at certain times of the year.

In La Ribeira we’ll point out to you the Picasso Museum so that you can book a ticket for later and avoid the queues.  We’ll show you the church of Santa Maria del Mar in El Born, a district which is now one of the hippest parts of Barcelona.

This tour is brought to you in partnership with MP3 City Guides

Buenos Aires – Palermo
This tour takes you to  Palermo,  an eclectic Buenos Aires neighborhood of designer stores, high-class restaurants, and superb architecture with a distinctly bohemian flavor. (It was the place that legendary writer Jorge Luis Borges called home).

This tour is brought to you in partnership with the Buenos Aires-based MP Tours, locals that have the inside scoop.

Buenos Aires – Recoleta
This tour takes you to the city’s most upscale neighborhood – Recoleta.  Your local guide will show you the real Recoleta – beautiful parks and streets lined with cafes, boutiques and galleries. This tour features the Recoleta Cemetery (where Evita Peron is buried), the Fine Arts Museum, Floralis Botanica and other impressive landmarks.

This tour is brought to you in partnership with the Buenos Aires-based MP Tours, locals that have the inside scoop.

Buenos Aires – San Telmo
This tour takes you San Telmo, the oldest neighborhood in Buenos Aires. The streets are paved in cobblestone and the colonial-era buildings are well preserved. San Telmo resonates with the rhythms of Tango, and the bars and restaurants are buzzing long into the evening. All this and more has made this barrio one of most charming parts of the city. Your journey through San Telmo will be led by a real Porteno, a lifelong resident of Buenos Aires.

This tour is brought to you in partnership with the Buenos Aires-based MP Tours, locals that have the inside scoop.

Chinatown Walking Tour – New York City, New York
Manhattan Chinatown is the second most populous Chinatown in the United States.  This Sploro Tour will explore the streets that were part of New York long before there was a Chinatown. We will walk through what was once Five Points , New York’s gang ridden slum. We will stop into places often overlooked by visitors to Chinatown and walk through Little Italy.

London – Palace Trail Tour
Starting at Westminster Abbey, see the Houses of Parliment, Big Ben, Parliment Square – home to statues of the great and the good and a lone anti-war protester – Whitehall, Downing Street (the home of the Prime Minister), Horse Guards, the official centre of London – Charring Cross, Trafalgar Square, Admirality Arch, The Mall, St. James’ Park and finish at Buckingham Palace.

This tour is brought to you in partnership with WalkTalkTour.

London Ride and Stride
Ride and Stride is a two-hour tour of London. Starting at Trafalgar Square, take a ride on an iconic Routemaster bus to St. Paul’s Cathedral via Heritage Route 15. Ride along the Strand and down Fleet Street (the original home of the British newspaper). Alight at St. Paul’s, cross the Thames by its Millennium Bridge and experience Tate Modern and The Globe Theatre. Continue along the South Bank to The Golden Hinde, Clink Prison, Southwark Cathedral, London Bridge, HMS Belfast and City Hall. Then, cross Tower Bridge to finish at the once notorious Tower of London.

This tour is brought to you in partnership with WalkTalkTour.

New York Subway Tour – New York City, New York
It is almost impossible to imagine New York without its subway. The subway is now more than 100 years old– but to tell the story of how the city developed a mighty transit system, you need to begin a few decades earlier. We start our tour in 1864 during the Civil War. At each stop along the way we move forward in time, visiting some long-forgotten places that shaped this city. This is a tour of imagination that will take you back to the 1800s. This Sploro audio walking tour will be your time machine, helping you to imagine a world beneath our feet.

Princeton Walking Tour – Princeton, New Jersey
This one-mile Sploro walking tour will lead you through two Princeton’s – the Princeton that is the University and the Princeton that is the town. Princeton University has been the educational home to more than 30 Nobel laureates. Join us as we learn about Pinceton’s important place in the founding of the United States. We will explore sites around town that are often overlooked by causual visitors. We will talk about how the University became one of the most vibrant educational institutions on the planet, and we will walk streets tread by the political and cultural dynamos who shaped the world.

Times Square History Tour – New York City, New York
This tour will take you to the Times Square that everyone knows – the Great White Way of theater and lights, in the city that never sleeps – but will tell you stories that most people don’t know and introduce you to the flamboyant characters who turned this part of New York into the city’s entertainment Mecca.


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