Sploro Partner Alliance

Publish on Sploro

Sploro is an exciting distribution channel for self-guided travel experiences. You can submit your tour content so it can be found by the constantly growing sploro community.

If your content is offered at no cost, Sploro is interested in helping you reach more explorers by making your content available through the sploro platform. If you charge for your content, sploro offers an attractive revenue sharing arrangement as you will be reaching more explorers through the sploro channel.

The Sploro team will upload your content, match it up with photos of the locations (you can provide the photos or we will attempt to find photos to fit your content) and publish it to our mobile platform accessible by iPhones and iTouches (more mobile platforms to come soon!).

Your self-guided content will then be available for Explorers to download spontaneously to their iPhone (and iTouch if they have wi-fi available).

If you would like to learn more about the specific arrangements that we offer through our Sploro Partner Alliance Program, please send email to splorodev@sploro.com.

The mission of Sploro is to offer the best self-guided content in the world. And we want the people that create this great content to be properly credited for their work.

If you would like to work witih Sploro to share your content with the world, we will ask you to send us some basic information and to agree to the terms of the Sploro Parnter Alliance.

Send an email to splorodev@sploro.com and let us know that you are interested in working with Sploro. We will send you a welcome packet that includes the agreement and other important information.

We hope that you will take a minute to send us an email even if you are only thinking of working with us. We’re happy to fill you in on the details.


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