Sploro – NY Subway Tour – App Review on App Shouter
BY DAVIDH – APRIL 20, 2010

Let Sploro show you the world – one neighborhood at a time
Intimate self-guided tours for the iTech generation

Princeton, NJ – March, 31, 2010 – Today, Sploro announced its intention to take on the world, quite literally, with the official introduction of a unique travel app designed to provide a “behind-the-scenes” tour experience for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Developed by co-founders Todd Greenwood and Anthony Bianciella, the Sploro travel app is designed for people who like to go beyond the superficial and explore destinations through the eyes of a local. When you travel with Sploro there’s no more treading in the sea of tour groups or struggling to listen to a well-rehearsed script about the area’s most commercialized locations. “Don’t get me wrong, you will still explore some of the most commonly visited attractions, but your experience will be vastly different,” stated Todd. “Our travel tours dive into the heart and soul of a neighborhood and its culture.”

Downloading  a Sploro tour is like putting a miniature tour guide in your pocket with immediate access to an extensive library of location photos and detailed narrative in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format.  This combination, complemented by Sploro’s engaging delivery style, brings to life the people, places and events that shape a community. And don’t worry about getting lost, Sploro tours include a self-contained map with GPS capability to keep you on track.

Even when travel isn’t on the agenda, Sploro can bring the world to you. From the leisure of your favorite armchair – or anywhere for that matter – you can escape to the oldest neighborhood in Buenos Aires, the historic streets of Princeton, New Jersey or the depths of the New York City subway…just to name a few.  “We are continually expanding our library of tours,” stated Anthony.  “The potential seems limitless. We’ve had requests for art and architecture tours, shopping tours and even inner-city pub tours.”

Sploro tours are easily accessed through the iTunes App Store for a fraction of what a similar, commercially-guided tour might cost. For additional information on Sploro or to inquire about submitting tour content, please visit




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