About Sploro

Sploro is here because a couple of guys wanted to pursue a passion for exploring the world. Routed in curiosity and always in search of the side that tourists don’t normally see, Sploro helps people grow and find new and wornderful things around the world.

About the Founders – Tony and Todd

Tony is a bit of a gadget guy who’s always got a gadget or two nearby (one is usually his iPhone). Whenever he can, he grabs his Nikon SLR and hits the street. It’s not just a way to make some extra cash: it’s also a great way to meet new folks.  Call him up and offer him an air ticket to anywhere in the world and he might choose Brazil, London or Sydney.

Todd is a writer and traveler who has been to 37 countries and counting.  His most exotic moment: floating down the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar, between Mandalay and Pagan, in an old wooden riverboat.  As far as he is concerned, the best thing about travel is getting lost someplace he’s never been – just as long as there is a map in his back pocket, his Amex card in his wallet, and a gelato shop at the end of the road.


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